On Wings Of Waste

On Wings of Waste is the world’s 1st 100% recyclable plastic fuelled flight, piloted by Jeremy Rowsell. The flight route is Sydney to London, ETD early 2013, along the old barnstorming routes of the original air pioneers: Charles Kingsford-Smith, Amy Johnson and Bert Hinkler. In a single engine plane, Jeremy will fly solo.

Jeremy is also attempting to break two records:
1. to be the first to fly via plastic waste fuel at 100% treatment; and
2. to break a flight time from Sydney to London for a single engine piston plane.

Jeremy’s hours of flying across land and ocean have given him a special understanding of the fragility of the Earth. He’s seen first hand the garbage that mars the Pacific. Our world is choking on human plastic waste, that do not degrade back into the land or sea. Plastic wastes do not degrade back into the land or sea. However, with the right technology, plastic waste could actually be our salvation.

As a pilot, Jeremy is all too familiar with the notion that aviation, powered by toxic and damaging fuels, is in environmental and economic strife. Avgas still contains lead! And because the oil is running out, prices are skyrocketing.

His vision for an alternative strikes two environmental blows at once.

Jeremy recognises the danger posed by our mountains of plastic waste, and by our use of regular aviation fuel. We must keep flying – but how? Ironically, 'one man's waste is another man's treasure'. Enter...Cynar Plc! Jeremy has uncovered this Irish company, that’s making fuel from recycling plastic waste. While it’s a technical marvel, the fuel has never been tested in the air. Jeremy will be the first to fly ‘on wings of waste’.

Jeremy’s aim... he wants to bring a new player into the air fuel market, and it’s not a joke. Few could have imagined that the same waste stream that ruins environments and lives could one day fuel the planes that carry out rescue work, reconnaissance, keep the economy ticking, and give people the chance to experience their amazing world.

To illustrate the capability of this fuel the flight will need to be done entirely on the end of life recycled plastic fuel. It's worth mentioning that the majority of biofuel test flights made by airlines are at 30-50% blend. On Wings of Waste flight will be at 100% treatment, of a fully recyclable waste product. The @Altitude team will need to pre-positioned this fuel en-route. Just bringing a new fuel into a major airport like London or Sydney is hard enough, but what about the Christmas Islands, Sri Lanka, Jordan and Oman? And what happens if Jeremy has to divert? The challenges are many.

While the logistical, technical and political issues are legion, the human story lies in the supreme physical challenge. Jeremy will be flying solo for up to 13 hours at a time. There will be little time for sleep, for days on end, all under the mental pressure that the success of his flight will make or break both the project and its message – that we can use our waste for fuel!

And all preparations must be made against the clock. The best weather window for this flight was the original timeline of early October 2012, though still possible weatherwise for early 2013.