10 August 2012

Inevitable Project Snags

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Posted by Tarsha/Project Manager

As with any adventurer who is aiming to make a difference - Scott, Shackleton, Sir Branson – we ran into a few financial hiccups this week with regards to warm sponsors turning cold on our story, primarily due to the multiple risky elements associated with this project. Yep, they sure are mighty risky, but the @Altitude team believe wholeheartedly that this flight story via 100% recyclable plastic needs to be told to change industry mindsets. Thus we have to face the inevitable that flight scheduling maybe delayed, there will always be set backs in one way or another, but it certainly makes us even more resolute (thank goodness the team are all mentally stubborn). As with life, most epic adventures are at the mercy of partnering companies production runs, personal dramas, mother nature and purse strings. Our team don’t allow for the small semantics to dampen our belief in this flight project. As tweeted a few days ago the team proves that the greatest glory doesn’t consist in never falling, but in rising every time we fall! We have a strong project MOU that is the guiding ethos to this project, top priority is the KISS principal - if it appears too hard to implement or bigger than a Ben Hur production, then retract, step back and go for the basics – it has no other option but to work!

We trust that by providing the highs and lows of our project will keep you cheering for us and create a sense of involvement. And for those other daring adventurers, we trust that you don’t give up on your own great ambitions in preparation stage when you aim to climb a mountain, swim an ocean or take your own wild flight should the going get tough! The lessons are also in the setbacks. Step back, and realise that’s life...shit happens, move on...but just keep moving forwards and reamain positive...its what makes you stand out from the rest.

Our anticipated ETD is 4 October, 2012, we make not make this exact date, but the flight will fly sometime in Spring/Summer time 2012/13 (southern hemisphere). 

The desire the reach for the sky runs deep in our human psyche. 
Cesar Pelli