03 September 2012

Flight Risk Assessment & Mitigation

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Posted by @Altitude Team

@Altitude is fortunate enough to have one of the world’s leading companies who specialise in High Risk Analysis and Risk Mitigation through robust planning and Risk Control.

ZeroRisk is a specialist assessor for international AON Insurance group and will analyse all risks from the geopolitical situation in each country, to the integrity of the plane and the suitability and security of the fuel.

We can guarantee any backer or sponsor that we will leave nothing to chance in ensuring the safety of Jeremy, his plane and the project. To support all of this ZeroRisk has a formidable team and security contacts positioned around the globe at key airports and strategic drop off points and will be monitoring Jeremy and his progress throughout his entire record breaking journey.

As NASA has its key Command & Control backup so too does On Wings Of Wings. Should you require any further details regarding risk management please don’t hesitate to email Tony Loughran This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.