26 October 2012

Product Sponsorship

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Posted by Tarsha/Project Manager

Team took delivery of project business cards today. With special thanks to Paul at The Printing Company for your generosity of this product sponsorship - unexpected and most appreciated. A fortuitous connection via The Warringah Chamber of Commerce Breakfast Speech earlier this month.

Now we look like pro’s! :)

15 October 2012

Project Update

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Posted by Jeremy/Pilot

On Wings of Waste plastic fulled flight adventure is still well on track despite being delayed. Our initial planned departure for Oct  2012 has been delayed until early 2013.

The fuel refining and prepositioning will take longer than expected and we are still trying to raise money.

We have the: plane, the clearances for the route we plan to travel, the plan to get the fuel in place… so now we are working hard on accuring sponsorship to make this wonderful project happen.

The interest in the project is amazing and it is showing how much people want to belong and want to make material changes to how we live our lives. Our adventure is already being shared by so many others.....

11 October 2012

Speaker at Local Networking Breakfast

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Posted by Tarsha/Project Manager

Jeremy was incredibly well received as guest speaker, at the Warringah Chamber of Commerce breakfast meeting yesterday at a packed Dee Why beach restaurant.

Jeremy entertained his audience about the project’s tactical elements that are required to make the flight via end of life plastic a success in early 2013…and on cue, frolicking in the background a few metres off shore, were a pod of dolphins saluting his efforts to clean up their watery home. Fellow team mate, Tony Loughran, highlighted the project’s risk issues and the planned documentary rollout.

08 October 2012

Jeremy, Guest Speaker, Wed 10 October 2012

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Jeremy Rowsell, Guest Speaker, Warringah Chamber of Commerce Business Breakfast

Jeremy Rowsell will be speaking on Wednesday 10 October 2012 at the Warringah Chamber of Commerce & Industries business breakfast - Stella Blu, Dee Why Beach at 7am.

For details and to book please visit: Warringah Chamber

03 September 2012

Flight Risk Assessment & Mitigation

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Posted by @Altitude Team

@Altitude is fortunate enough to have one of the world’s leading companies who specialise in High Risk Analysis and Risk Mitigation through robust planning and Risk Control.

ZeroRisk is a specialist assessor for international AON Insurance group and will analyse all risks from the geopolitical situation in each country, to the integrity of the plane and the suitability and security of the fuel.