19 December 2014

Following in our footsteps - GREENHEART PROJECT

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On Wings of Waste aims to raise awareness about how we can better use our resources. It is a campaign that, we hope, will lead to greater global attention on the need to lower the carbon footprint; reduce the volume of waste pouring into the oceans and cutting the costs of energy worldwide.

We are excited to see other entrepreneurial projects arising such as the Greenheart Project.

The S/V Greenheart (“S/V” meaning “Sailing Vessel”) is the first new ship of its kind. It will be a sustainable, low-cost, zero-emission, sail/solar-powered ship developed specifically for those communities marginalized by a lack of capital, that hold a poor position in the global hub and spoke system, that lack access to deep-water ports, and that are unable to cope with rising fuels costs.

Upon completion, the S/V Greenheart will embark on maiden voyage through 20+ major ports of call in a 2-year circumnavigation of the globe. The objectives of this voyage will be to rigorously test the ship’s features and applications, increase awareness of the ship’s benefits and uses, support existing programs with partners, inspire interest in the development of future pilot programs, and promote and encourage global commercial use of renewable energy systems.

For info on the Greenheart Project visit: http://greenheartproject.org/en/

So what do you have in mind?

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13 December 2014

Supporting fuel science

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  • Plastic takes hundreds of years to degrade to degrade, which means that every single piece we have not recycled still exists.
  • Planet Earth has an abundance of landfill and ocean end-of-life plastic debris.
  • Using a process called pyrolysis; plastics are heated in an oxygen-free environment to prevent them from burning, and then broken into their component hydrocarbons to create the equivalent of a petroleum distillate. This can then be separated into different fuels. As there is no burning of the plastics, but rather a melting process, there are NO toxic emissions released into the environment.
  • The end product is cleaner, lower in sulphur, and in the case of a viable fuel used for transportation, it is a higher quality than regular diesel fuel.
  • The pyrolysis process is able to recycle the carbon (that would otherwise reside in landfills or in the oceans), leading to massive reduction in carbon dioxide emissions thus neatly fitting within the carbon footprint debate of aiming to be carbon neutral (Australia being the first to ratify the carbon tax).
  • The end of life plastics can be recycled to 100%: 95% usable for diesel fuel, the remaining 5% is char (the solid material that remains) is given a second life and can be used in creating various floor coverings;
  • The extrusion of the plastic fuel is required to go through a final refining process to bring it up to par for Jet A1 aviation diesel (this precious fuel can in effect run a GA fleet).
  • This waste fuel complements the billions of barrels of fuel being produced every day around the globe. The world has stocks of landfills of plastic, industries and consumers dictate the need and use of a plethora of plastics, thus there will always be synthetic fuel reserves.
  • The synthetic recyclable fuel, when used in vehicles, burns more effectively, which significantly indicates this is the fuel for the future, equalling a cleaner fuel for the planet.
  •  For the 4000 L of plastic fuel that our world first flight will require to consume, approximately five tonnes of waste plastic will be required.

26 October 2012

Product Sponsorship

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Posted by Tarsha/Project Manager

Team took delivery of project business cards today. With special thanks to Paul at The Printing Company for your generosity of this product sponsorship - unexpected and most appreciated. A fortuitous connection via The Warringah Chamber of Commerce Breakfast Speech earlier this month.

Now we look like pro’s! :)

15 October 2012

Project Update

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Posted by Jeremy/Pilot

On Wings of Waste plastic fulled flight adventure is still well on track despite being delayed. Our initial planned departure for Oct  2012 has been delayed until early 2013.

The fuel refining and prepositioning will take longer than expected and we are still trying to raise money.

We have the: plane, the clearances for the route we plan to travel, the plan to get the fuel in place… so now we are working hard on accuring sponsorship to make this wonderful project happen.

The interest in the project is amazing and it is showing how much people want to belong and want to make material changes to how we live our lives. Our adventure is already being shared by so many others.....

11 October 2012

Speaker at Local Networking Breakfast

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Posted by Tarsha/Project Manager

Jeremy was incredibly well received as guest speaker, at the Warringah Chamber of Commerce breakfast meeting yesterday at a packed Dee Why beach restaurant.

Jeremy entertained his audience about the project’s tactical elements that are required to make the flight via end of life plastic a success in early 2013…and on cue, frolicking in the background a few metres off shore, were a pod of dolphins saluting his efforts to clean up their watery home. Fellow team mate, Tony Loughran, highlighted the project’s risk issues and the planned documentary rollout.