Pilots Ground Crew

Meet the @Altitude Team

Jeremy Rowsell’s support team is led by three friends and like-minded souls. Come early 2013, they are going to put Jeremy in a plastic-fuelled plane and send him halfway around the world.


Tony Loughran is his international risk and survival specialist. Tony, an ex Special Forces operative and ex Head of BBC's International High Risk Team, turned survival expert and international risk advisor will cover everything from Jeremy’s endurance and critical decision training, to providing the specialised international security that this challenge will require.

195 Tarsha-Burn

Tarsha Burn is his strategic and tactical ace of the operation. Tarsha’s experiences resemble that of a chameleons coat, Textile Designer to PR Consultant, Project Management to Product Developer, all detailed oriented mediums that leaves no stone unturned for this intricately laced project (plus the boys in line). She will keep the project rolling with ideas, guile and intuition as well as tactical project marketing and logistics.


Richard Peel is his media savvy expert. Based in London he will focus on the media interplay worldwide. Richard’s wealth of experience from Corporate Affairs Directorships and key communication roles in the Media, Broadcast, Sport, Local Government, Health and Gaming sectors,  will ensure that the strategic communications, reputation and crisis management and public relations for the project and team are harnessed.