Intrepid Pilot

A pilot since he was 15, Jeremy Rowsell (41) has flown aerobatics, volunteered for the Royal Flying Doctors service and in a series of high-risk adventures in single engine aeroplanes he has logged 25,000 kilometres over the Pacific.

He was educated at the King's School Canterbury. At this time, Kent was filled with airfields and London was living the history of World War Two with many Battle of Britain and other ex-pilots happy to talk of their flying exploits. Also, Jeremy’s grandfather and grandfather’s brothers were all in the First World War as Royal Flying Corps pilots. This rich culture of flying and adventure was further fostered when he became a cadet pilot at school where he first flew at the age of 14 and went solo in a glider shortly after. 

He studied Law and Politics at the University of Nottingham and was also part of the University Air Squadron. Following University, Jeremy travelled and flew extensively in Africa. After the recession of the late eighties and early nineties, when flying work was limited, Jeremy entered the City of London working at Sedgwick, a broker at Lloyds of London. This City experience led him to a secondment in Australia and in 1998 he was asked to return there. He now works as a Placement Director for one of the largest global brokers.

In 2011 Jeremy flew the Pacific with the extraordinary Jim Hazelton, a world-renowned ferry pilot. High Risk Adviser, Tony Loughran was engaged to get him ready for the task. The flight’s aim was to re-trace the epic flight endeavour of Sir Charles Kingsford Smith in a tiny single engine aircraft, to raise money for the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

The adventures have been significant already but are only just beginning.