@Altitude Productions

@Altitude Productions is the creative element of @Altitude Pty Ltd and is poised to establish itself as a pioneering producer of international broadcast content.

The @Altitude Team wholeheartedly believe there is a gap in the market to produce raw, edgy, positive television programs.

“The media plays such an important role in today’s society. Quality programs where you get a great ‘feel good’ message across whilst being entertained is something we need much more of on Australian television.” - Tony Loughran, @Altitude Productions Director

@Altitude Productions delivers creativity & innovation when filming any high risk project. Our mission is to produce compelling & timeless documentaries which enlighten & educate the audience whilst promoting important social & ecological issues.

Concept Development

@Altitude Productions welcomes your suggestions for new flight mission concepts for programming. Any and all discussions will be treated with full confidentiality. If you have an original concept that sits in line with the @Altitude Productions adventurist and daring flight directive, please contact our Media AUST and Asia Adviser.